Vintara Announces Major Enhancement to Standards Portal for ISO and Six Sigma

OAKLAND, CA, June 6, 2006Vintara, the leading provider of fully automated, web-based enterprise performance and quality management solutions and services; announces a fully integrated AJAX front end for Vintara “Standards Agnostic” quality management system portal.

With the successful May Release of the new AJAX version, short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Vintara allows any user whether a Chief Security Officer, QA Director, production manager, or a Blackbelt to rapidly and easily navigate the portal. The new front end eliminates the older call and response website model, i.e., click, wait, load page; click, wait, load page, etc. AJAX anticipates the user’s next move and loads data in advance. AJAX eliminates the normal start-stop-start-stop sequence of web interaction by introducing an intermediary AJAX engine.

Instead of loading a webpage, at the start of the session, the browser loads an AJAX engine written in JavaScript. This engine is responsible for rendering both the interface the user sees and communicating with the server on the user’s behalf. The AJAX engine allows the user’s interaction with the application to happen asynchronously, independent of communication with the server. So the user is not staring at a blank browser window and an hourglass icon, waiting around for the server to do something.

Rob Power, Vintara’s Director of Engineering, stated, “Vintara’s latest release streamlines the management of key business processes associated with quality and performance management. Although counter intuitive, adding a layer to the application does not make it less responsive, but just the opposite. Take a look at Google Maps, zoom in.  Use your cursor to grab the map and scroll around a bit. Everything happens almost instantly, with no waiting for pages to reload. Both Google Maps and Google Suggest are two examples of the new AJAX approach to web applications. Our new interface highlights our company’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction. This represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible on the Web in the world of international standards and security.”


About Vintara: Vintara is the leading provider of web-based, enterprise process management solutions and services for the medical device industry. Founded in 1997, Vintara has a proven track record of helping the enterprise successfully prepare for and cost-effectively maintain compliance with a range of domestic and internationally recognized standards. Whether a hosted or an in-house server option, in every case, Vintara created solutions that meet and exceed customers’ growing business needs. Combining innovative technology with training and consulting services, Vintara delivers the solutions that help the enterprise manage their key business processes setting the path to continual improvement.



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